AplyGo is the solution in which you can automate the entire recruitment process. It identifies, attracts, and evaluates the best candidates through an intuitive and efficient platform.


What are the main benefits of the solution?


Launches talent attraction campaigns on social networks and attracts passive candidates to a web with the esthetics and communication tone of your brand.


AplyGo incorporates a filtering and assessment questionnaire to evaluate knowledge and competencies.


An automated process that permits us to be objective and eliminate the biases introduced by human involvement.


Everything that happens in a digital world can be measured.
Our platform registers all of the analytics and data of each candidate involved.

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User experience and engagement are very important to us. For that reason, we create gamified experiences that takes user involvement to the next level. From that, we receive analytics about their profile and behavior.

Instant messaging has conquered the hearts of the new generations of workers. A chatbot allows us to provide quick and personalized answers, and to collect data that is needed in the process they are about to access.

If no one has yet to convince you that data-based talent attraction is the best way to improve performance in your processes, then we invite you to browse one of our dashboards. You will see analytics in real-time in each phase of the project. You will start to understand that the less you spend on digesting the information, the more efficient your processes will become.

The selection process will not be what it was before. Save your time and money when making decisions by basing your predictions on real data from your candidates. Our metrics will estimate the performance of future employees and will give greater objectivity to your selection process.