In Labs we work to create gamified experiences that can be incorporated into talent attraction, recruitment and assessment processes. We use technology to improve the candidate experience and the accuracy of our measurements.


Group dynamics such as an escape room or in-tray exercises have traditionally been carried out in a physical environment or using pen and paper. By digitalising and gamifying these experiences we have adapted them to the new reality.


The experience of candidates or talent assessed is one of the main ambassadors of the employer’s brand. An unexpectedly good experience says something about the potential of the company which uses these processes.


By digitalising we can incorporate all the observations about the talent assessed into a single dashboard. This allows us to generate automatic reports and improve the efficiency of the whole process.


Traditionally, the observations of each assessor have had a significant weighting in the final assessments. By using gamified tools we can measure without bias, seeking evidence and measuring each candidate with the same yardstick.

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Technologies such as Virtual or Augmented Reality have massive potential, not only in creating incredible experiences for those who try them, but also by enabling us to create immersive environments that bring out the best in every candidate.

In many cases, flexibility is key to adapting to a process. We can use simple technologies like chatbots to create fluid experiences, filter efficiently and obtain evidence supporting every assessment.

Objective data is essential to the success of any gamified process. Creating an enriched experience is good, but being able to measure accurately everything that happens and transfer it to a dashboard will make the difference between experience and traceability.