Panorama is our Assessment Center / Development Center solution that includes digital assessments. We cannot continue evaluating candidates with a pencil and paper while in the middle of the 21st century. We need a process that is more fluid, homogenous, and, above all, objective.


Evaluation processes tend to be long and tedious. Completely or partially digitalizing these processes allows us to be much more efficient, and, most of all, homogenize the experience for everyone, whether it be talent or assessor.


When everyone completes the same assessments and follow the same scales, the process is more transparent. Additionally, assessments and reports are completely related, making it much easier follow the entire process.


We can work with evaluation processes that are completely digital or blended, adding dynamics or interviews. Everything is shown on a control panel that combines all of the collected information.


One of the biggest problems linked to the talent assessment process is that it generates uncertainty amongst those evaluated. For that, each process is accompanied by communication tools with the objective of creating a more positive experience.

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Our process is flexible enough to adapt to the assessment / competency matrix of each client. We can use our clients’ tests or use our own tests, whether they are cut-e tests or those that we develop internally in Labs.

Each evaluation process involves an internal communication plan in which we manage the uncertainty that the process may create. We design web pages and communication emails that transmit positive messages aligned with the communication tone of each brand.

But the experience of each person evaluated is not only better because we communicate well, but because we can introduce gamification in group dynamics or individual tests that tend to be especially cumbersome. With such an experience, the evaluation is usually more precise and better perceived.